Monday, March 17, 2014

Gold Coast Grand Gestures, Part 3

The third post in a series. For Part 1 and Part 2.
Some Gold Coast residents received such decadent wedding presents from their parents as their own North Shore estate.
Apple Trees, home of Junius S. Morgan © Long Island's Gold Coast
Frances Tracy Morgan and siblings © Long Island's Gold Coast
Paul Pennoyer, husband of Frances Tracy Morgan © PJM
Round Bush, home of Paul and Frances Tracy Pennoyer (née Morgan) © PJM

Financier J.P. Morgan gave his children approximately 30 acres each on Duck Pond Road and a home designed by Roger Bullard.

Harry Guggenheim and wife.
Falaise © Sands Point Preserve
Daniel and Florence Guggenheim gave up their private golf course in order to give their son Harry and his bride, Falaise, a French Norman style home perched on a bluff overlooking Hempstead Harbor.
The Field's Caumsett © North Shore Long Island Country Houses, 1890-1950
Marshall Field and his wife Evelyn build their dream homes together in Manhattan (at 70th and 5th Avenue, razed) and Lloyd Neck (now Caumsett State Park).
Friends and family at Chelsea © Long Island's Gold Coast

Bridge near Yangtze River, inspiration photo taken by Alexandra Moore, 1921
Long Island's Gold Coast
The Moore children on the Moat Bridge at Chelsea © Long Island's Gold Coast
Benjamin and Alexandra Moore designed Chelsea in Muttontown with the help of Delano & Aldrich and hundreds of pictures taken on their honeymoon trip to Europe and Asia. 

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  1. Haha! People like this probably have a basement storage room chock full of Gold bars. Disgusting. Unless of course I myself had a fmaily as rich as that. Then I would jump in my yacht and say HAR-DEE-HAR-HAR TO YOU SIR and sail off into the sunset.