Friday, February 14, 2014

Gold Coast Grand Gestures

© Old Westbury Gardens, Jim Large
February is always a romantic month and a time for grand gestures, but many of the residents of the North Shore took gift giving and wedding proposals to a whole new level. 
© Old Westbury Gardens
© Old Westbury Gardens
Most memorable was John S. Phipps's wedding proposal to his future bride Margarita Grace. To fully convince her to leave her beloved England, Phipps promised to build her an English-style home and garden like the one she would be leaving behind.  
© Old Westbury Gardens
Halcyon Days by Peggie Phipps, Richard Gachot, 1905
He did not disappoint, after their wedding the couple broke ground and began construction on Westbury House (now Old Westbury Gardens).
© Old Westbury Gardens, Richard Cheek
Margarita’s beloved walled garden stands a reminder of that romantic promise and inspires countless visitors to the gardens every year.