Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Amazing McKim, Mead & White house

Today, I visited an amazing McKim, Mead & White estate in Sands Point.  It was a special treat!!! The home Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cary Rumsey, it has never changed hands and is still owned by the family.  Built in the 1920s, it was a great surprise to see it is still in pristine condition.  Like a time capsule, it sits amidst gardens and a sweeping lawn overlooking Long Island Sound. Constructed of limestone in the French Norman style with a steeply pitched slate roof and great wrought iron detail. The carriage house and beach house are in the Tudor style and also quite nice.  The beach house looks like something out of the movie Rebecca. I got a sneak peak today because it will be coming on the market with my office, listed through Aleta Heisig and Chad Brisbane.  I took some pictures for the blog and hope to bring you some images of never before seen houses on a regular basis, so I hope you all will keep checking in, so I can share these great historic homes with you.  I will post interiors of the Rumsey house on Friday
Front View

Rear view


View From House

Carriage House

Beach House

Detail of Carriage House

Detail of Carriage House

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